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Health is More Than Just The Gym - The Blueprint To Alternative Therapies

Learn why your health regimen is more than just gym and diet by reading our experience with alternative therapies. We discuss the mental and physical benefits brought about by infrared saunas and floatation therapy. 

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Health is More Than Just The Gym - The Blueprint To Alternative Therapies

Ok, a lot of us are guilty of gauging our health via our vanity muscles. I mean, one scroll through an Instagram feed will validate this on any given #WorkoutWednesday. Go ahead, tap that link and you'll be bombarded with gym mirror selfies that show off pumped-up biceps from dudes and booty gains from the ladies. Do I have a problem with that? Nah, exercise releases those feel good endorphins that make you want to post those "damn, I'm looking kinda good" pics. So, if you're not getting that selfie urge while in the gym, ya might need to go a bit harder in order to trigger those endorphins that bring about the positive body feels. 

The concern I have is most limit their health journey to gym and diet - period. You can't blame them because when you look good, you feel good and you just ride that wave. I'm guilty of that myself, but I've recently discovered the benefits of alternative therapies that help you rejuvenate the body as well as relax your mind. Key components that may limit potential injuries while boosting your mental clarity so that you can perform at peak levels in and out of the gym - for the long haul.



I'm a big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast and he often speaks about his love of the sensory deprivation float tanks, cryotherapy ,and the wonders it's worked for his mental clarity and body recovery. So, I decided to hop on good ol' Google find a place near me that offered these services and BOOM! I found minutes away in Downtown Jersey City. I made a mental note, but slept on going (as I usually do), until my lady forced me go (as she usually does), by booking us an appointment online. 

She didn't book us a floatation therapy session because me lady is a bit claustrophobic. She wasn't quite ready to be floating closed off in a dark in a pod, but we'll get her there! Instead, she booked us back to back infrared sauna sessions to get us acclimated to incorporating these therapies into our health regimen. 


Going in, I had no idea what an infrared sauna was and I assumed I was heading in for a basic sauna session. I was wrong. Infrared saunas differ from "regular saunas" because their light directly penetrates your skin but does not warm the air around you. The temperature in the body goes up quickly, yet the light has no effect on the surrounding environment. 

The result is a sauna that creates heat from the inside of the body, causing you to sweat and release stored "toxins." The lower temperatures of the infrared sauna vs the high temperatures from traditional saunas make it more tolerable for those that are sensitive to heat. 

The infrared sauna inside is equipped with chromotherapy or "color therapy". Each color is helpful for treating physical, emotional, or mental imbalances and can be selected prior to entering via a remote. So, it may be beneficial to find the color that will best help what ails you before you show up. 


REALLY dug it! My session was 30 minutes long and I was comfortable the entire time. Well, that's not totally true... I did have to stare at the reflection of my chubby ass stomach in the glass door and that made me realize I need to throttle back on the Ben & Jerry's consumption. But, aside from that - I felt like I was on a perfect little mental escape. I was relaxed, the music was chill, and I was able to zone out and meditate. 

When the session was over I felt super chill and peaceful. I got dressed and hung out in the lounge outside of the sauna room and rehydrated with some ionized alkaline super water. The owner (Sup Anand!), came up to ask me how I was doing. We chatted for a bit and he actually turned out to be a really great guy. I shared that I was dealing with some non-stop muscle spasms in my calves and he instantly brought me downstairs and put me into his Normatec Recovery machine - on the house! I was pumped to give it a try because athletes like LeBron, Durant, and numerous players on the NY Giants and other NFL teams use Normatec for recovery.


Without a doubt! I felt great physically and mentally after experiencing the treatments. It's definitely something that I want to incorporate consistently into my overall health routine. The physical therapies are terrific, but I also realized that visiting made me commit to working on and improving my mental clarity. I suck at doing this at home because I get lost in all of the tasks of the day, but the isolation you experience in the sauna forces you to chill out and provides a true opportunity for you to recalibrate your mind. Now, I just need to work on getting into that flotation tank!




Are you up for trying these therapies? Message us.



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