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Productive Fitness - F**ck The Gram, Do It For The Testosterone.

Productive Fitness - F**ck The Gram, Do It For The Testosterone.

by Marc Matlioski

A month ago

Sure, you work out to stay healthy and looking your best out there in the streets, but regular exercise does more than just build vanity muscles. We're talking serious gains in another area that will help you crush shit in your professional career as well as in your sex life. That area? Hormones. Specifically, testosterone. Yea, there are other important areas as well, but this one seems pretty key to us. Here's why...   


Increased testosterone may result in a higher sex drive. 

Studies show that a decrease in the desire to have sex may be related to low T levels. Aside from the love and trust stuff, sex plays a major role in a relationship. So if you want to improve those important gut-level feelings between you and your partner you may want to jump into some HIIT on the regular.

Testosterone increases the need for dominance and power. 

We're talking some true Game Of Thrones type shit. The link between testosterone and dominance has been demonstrated in numerous studies. Raising your T levels may motivate you to gain and maintain social status. This is why you feel like you can bag Khaleesi and claim the Iron Throne after a solid workout. Increased testosterone can fuel your climb for success and motivate you to push through any challenges that mistakenly get in your way.

Higher testosterone levels equals better cognitive ability. 

Testosterone levels decline with age, just when memory begins to slow. ... For instance, higher testosterone levels in midlife have been linked to better preservation of tissue in some parts of the brain. And in older men, higher testosterone levels have been associated with better performance on cognitive tests. So, while you're not there yet, consistent exercise and improved T might make you hold onto your spot longer than your counterparts who enjoy binge watching on Netflix.







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